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GiveGetGo is the award-winning employability programme from TLC Transform Lives Company based in Liverpool.
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If you’re aged 16 to 24 and unemployed, a Kickstart placement may be for YOU.

Kickstart can help you to develop the skills and experience you need to find work, through valuable six-month job placements.

To apply you need to be 16- to 24-year-old on Universal Credit with nil earnings when you apply (you can turn 25 within the six-month placement). 

You must apply via your JCP Work Coach first.  They will inform you how to progress your application by notifying either TLC or an employer or your interest and issue a unique number.

If you would like to find out more about any of these vacancies and hear from the employers themselves, get a free ticket at our upcoming event on March 15th at - Eventbrite


Wrap around support provided by TLC

  • Preparing for interviews with you and future jobs
  • In-house coaches, counsellors, and wellbeing sessions
  • Dealing with having your first job, anxiety, settling in
  • Know-how advice such as housing, benefits, debt
  • Search like a professional for your next job
  • Free training opportunities
  • TLC newsletter full of opportunities, job vacancies, education, skills building

What kinds of jobs are Kickstart jobs?

Great examples of roles, learning from previous jobs we’ve helped create:

  • Social media
  • Website, newsletters, communications
  • Environmental improvements
  • Caretakers and maintenance
  • Data inputting
  • Youth engagement ambassadors
  • Digital Events
  • Café Assistant
  • Barrista
  • Digital Engagement
  • Customer engagement and support
  • Copy writers
  • Gallery / theatre technicians

In partnership with:

Baltic creative
Plus Dane Housing