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Admin area for TLC staff only

Site Management

This area is for system administrators, editors and contributors only.  If you’ve landed here by mistake, please use the menu above to return to other pages.

Note to TLC Team – Please read this first

Once you login you’ll be able to edit various parts of the site and/or add blogs and submit other articles.  Please pay attention to the following.

  • Keep a copy of anything you change or add.  The site is backed up overnight but remember that if you’ve spent a few hours creating a masterpiece during the day, your edits could be lost if there were Internet issues before the backup.

  • Please pay particular attention to the size and shape of photographs added to the site as this can impact on the performance.

  • Remember that when you are adding or editing text, you are working with an HTML editor.  If you copy and paste from programs such as Word, you will need to strip out the Word code first.

  • If you are unsure of anything or need a bit of help, please email

  • It is IMPORTANT that you LOGOUT when you have finished editing for security reasons.  You can do this by simply returning to this LOGIN page.

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